Ontario’s economy and population are projected to continue growing strongly over the next two decades. This growth, along with climate change, will place increasing pressures on water and air quality as well as natural heritage resources, particularly in urban and urbanizing areas.

In 2011, the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act turns 35, an appropriate time to reflect on its original mission, to take stock of its achievements to date and to examine its continued relevance in environmental management.

Speakers at OAIA’s 2011 conference will examine the contribution EA can make in protecting Ontario’s environment in an increasingly-crowded policy and institutional context.

OAIA will bring together experts from the private and public sectors as well as academia to examine real cases highlighting what EA does best -- while looking to the future to see how EA can meet its full potential.

The Association is made up of a diverse group of professional planners, scientists, engineers and others who make important contributions to the quality of EA practice in Ontario. Welcome to our 2011 conference!

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